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Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening services offered in Albany, NY

Periodontal surgery is often necessary to improve your oral health and aesthetics. At Capital Region Periodontics and Dental Implants in Albany, New York, periodontists Reed Ference, DDS, MDS, Sean Ference, DDS, MDS, and Beniel Tamraz DDS, MDS, offer multiple types of periodontal surgery to eliminate oral health concerns and enhance your smile. Call Capital Region Periodontics and Dental Implants or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

Crown Lengthening Q & A

What is crown lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a procedure to elongate the teeth. While it doesn’t physically make your teeth longer, it shortens the bone and the gums to give your smile better proportions. You may benefit from crown lengthening if you have a gummy smile or if you believe the crowns of your teeth look disproportionately short. 

You may also need crown lengthening to help with future procedures. Teeth with large cavities or that have fractured may not have enough exposed material to hold a dental crown. Crown lengthening can create more tooth structure above the bone, preparing you for a crown that lasts a long time and won’t just fall off your tooth. 

What should I expect during crown lengthening?

A typical crown lengthening procedure at Capital Region Periodontics and Dental Implants takes only about an hour, but that timeframe fluctuates based on the number of teeth you need treated. 

Even if you’re only getting crown lengthening for a single tooth, the team may need to adjust the gum line on nearby teeth to make sure the results look even. 

The team provides local anesthesia to numb your teeth and gums before the procedure starts. Towards the end of the procedure, the team will clean any incisions and place sutures in the gums to keep their new shape. Depending on whether they're dissolvable, you may or may not need these sutures removed at a future appointment. 

How should I prepare for crown lengthening?

Patients who need a crown lengthening procedure at Capital Region Periodontics and Dental Implants must undergo a treatment consultation. A treatment consultation includes:

  • Discussing your oral health
  • Discussing your medications
  • Taking and interpreting X-rays
  • Discussing anesthesia and sedation

If you are receiving a new crown after the crown lengthening procedure, the team at Capital Region Periodontics and Dental Implants may advise you to see your general dentist first to come in for a temporary crown before the procedure.

You may also need to take other steps before crown lengthening, like stopping certain medications. The team will also discuss what to expect during the recovery.

How long does it take to recover after crown lengthening?

The recovery from crown lengthening is similar to the recovery from other dental surgeries in terms of post-operative care. You can return to most normal activities right away, but you should hold off on strenuous exercise until your gums heal. 

The team will also tell you which foods and drinks to avoid as you recover and how to keep the surgical area clean. 

For more information on crown lengthening procedures, call Capital Region Periodontics and Dental Implants, or book an appointment online today.